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Get your windows winter ready part 1: Three tips to keep your house warm this winter

Your house is freezing but you’re not ready to replace your windows, here are three tips to get you through this winter:

1. Storm Windows
If you’re living in an older house that has not has the windows replaced, chances are you’ve got single pane windows, which means when the winter comes around, you’re house gets cold. Storm windows are a window that gets added over you current window, turning in to a double pane window. The price of storm windows are a fraction of the cost of replacements, making them a popular affordable alternative. Additionally, many people prefer storm windows for their house to keep the original style intact.

2. Glass Replacement
Every crack in your window lets in air, and that piece of tape you put over it isn’t doing the job. The idea that you need to replace your entire window due to a crack is false. Most glass shops can replace the glass in your window for less than 1/3 the cost of a full window replacement.

3. Window Insulation Kit
While not long term solution, a window insulation kit can be purchased at your local hardware store for around $20 and are effective. If you don’t mind the look, it will keep you warm till you are ready to replace those windows.

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