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How To Clean Your Windows: Tips and Tricks

There’s nothing like the view out of a clean window, the trouble is getting your windows to stay clean. Most of the time people spend washing their windows they are just pushing the dirt around from one spot to another, and by the time they are done it’s still dirty. Making the effort to do it properly can really pay off.

Start wit the rough spots, it’s always rough when you finished cleaning your window and you see the spots are still there. Rub the tough spots vigorously using a cloth and glass cleaner. Make sure not to scratch your window in the process.

The ideal way to wash your window is with a sponge and squeegee. Begin by spraying the window with cleaner and then following up with the sponge to spread it all over the glass. When the window is completely covered, let it sit for a minute and then pull the squeegee in a single stroke from the top to the bottom. Make sure to clean the blade in between each stroke.

Not everyone has this equipment available, and many people attempt to clean their windows with a bottle of glass cleaner and a roll of paper towels. While this is not the best way, if done properly it can be effective. It is best to follow a similar routine as if you had a sponge and squeegee. Begin by spraying the window followed by spreading the cleaner all round using a piece of paper towel.Then take a new paper towel (it is extremely important to use a new fresh piece, using the same one to clean and dry will only move the dirt from one spot t another) and dry the window. Start from the top and in a single stroke, work your way to the bottom.

Cleaning windows is not too much of a challenge, and the reward of sparkly clean windows definitely pays of. Your windows are glass and smudge easily and everything is noticeable, keeping them clean will make your whole house feel neat.