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Keeping Your House Cool During The Summer

At last, summer is here! The parks are full, the kids are out and you can finally relax outdoors. But with that comes the task of keeping your home cool. Your windows are the gateway to the outdoors so weather protecting your home (even in the summer) starts with your home.


There’s nothing like having the windows open when there is a nice breeze out, but that is not always the case. Sometimes the air is still and hot outside. On top of that, the sun shining in through can really heat up your house, here are a few tips to help keep your house cool this summer:


Solar film
The windows on your car are probably tinted, and you can do something similar for your home windows. Installing a solar film will decrease the amount of heat passing through your home and save you money on your cooling bill (and might add value to your home too).


Close up the leaks

The same way sealing up air leaks in the winter stops the hot air from escaping, closing up the air leaks in the summer can help keep the cool air in your house. This includes any cracked windows or door and window edges.


Some new curtains

Simply installing a new thick curtain in front of your windows will not only add cosmetic value but it is also an effective way to keep the sun out and keep your house nice and cool.


Drink lemonade

Of course, when all else fails, the classic go to method of staying cool on a hot summer day will always be a cold glass of lemonade!