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Not Just For Storms; What You Need To Know About Storm Doors

Since you moved in, that broken storm door has been driving you crazy every time the wind blows. In fact, you even wondered if you should just take it down and leave it down. Here’s the scoop you need to know for all things storm door related;

Can they be repaired?
Most issues with storm doors are easily repaired. Almost any l piece that needs to be replaced are probably available individually. If the glass is broken or the screen is ripped, you can bring it in to your glass shop and they can replace it for you. In fact, at Supreme Window, this is one of our most common orders.

Are they important?
Storm doors serve many functions, besides for protecting your entry door they also add home security and make your home more energy efficient. Additionally, they can add increased airflow and sunlight in to your home while keeping insects out.

Are they difficult to replace?
Storm doors are a great addition that won’t break your bank. They can be installed in to a number of door-frame materials and can be matched to the entry of your home. Speak to the people at your window and door shop to find out about all the many different options available for this expense that pays for itself.