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Should I Get Glass Block Windows? Understanding the Benefits of Glass block.

Time to replace those windows? Thinking about going with glass block? Here’s what’s making glass block the in thing:
People’s biggest concern with windows is usually energy efficiency, and glass block windows are extremely efficient. Besides the glass being at least as efficient as a double pane window, they are installed and sealed with mortar and keeping out air and dirt from outside. But unlike double pane windows you never have to worry about the glass getting foggy as it one solid piece. The other bill you’ll save on is the lighting. Glass block windows supply tremendous amount of light and transparency.
Another advantage is the upscale look it gives to your home, particularly in basements and bathrooms. Glass block windows are available in many patterns and can even be clear. They are the ideal window for providing light while providing real privacy. Many people prefer glass block in their basement because of the durability. You don’t have to worry about setting up that ping pong table under your window, it won’t even get scratched.
The major benefit though is security. Windows always run the risk of being a security threat, but not with glass block. Think of having glass block windows as a solid brick wall.